#ReadABookToday Campaign

This year, we’ve really been encouraging everyone to read as many books as they can. I even set a personal reading challenge for myself. From that came the idea to donate books to children and families in less fortunate areas. This is how the #ReadABookToday campaign was started.

For every post on Twitter or Instagram with the hashtag #ReadABookToday, I will personally buy another book for children in those areas. Outside of that, Make Caring Cool is also accepting donations here on our site to go toward the purchase of more books. On the date of this post, we have about 520 books on hand. This number is only going to get greater, and we’ll keep this post updated with that number.

As far as the books and how they’ll get distributed – I have contacts with a few principals at schools in lower income areas. I’m going to reach out to them to see how I can coordinate some sort of “book day” at the end of their semester to get these books out. That way I’ll have everyone in one place at one time.

Please, help the cause if you can. We’re really passionate about reading and giving others the chance to read and learn, too.

Operation: Read a Book Today

Much love, always.


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